Actor, Writer, Director & Voice Over 

Greg Vestal


I started in the industry in 2006 when I heard on a radio station to come down to the Hard Rock Cafe and be a member of the crowd for a band scene in a movie they were shooting.  This movie was called Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know (released as Mad, Bad).  While I was there I was approached by the casting director and was told that one of the featured extras, the Valet Parking Attendant was late and I fit his description and would I like to step in and play the part.  I said yes and was all ready to go when the original actor showed up and took it over.  I am still visible in the line to get into the club and also the highest jumper in the audience when we start dancing.  Anyways, that casting director was Katrina Cook of Katz Kasting here in Texas and a relationship was born that would change my life.  After that meeting, I did background work in various movies, TV shows, and music videos.